About me

Hello world, this is me.

Sarah, 25 years old, from Belgium.

I love fashion and trying to keep up with the latest trends.
I lost some weight so I'm in need of a new wardrobe..
Going on fashion sprees and trying to keep a budget are my current goals.

My relationship with fashion.

I used to wear clots to flatter my curves. Now I can go into every shop I like and actually have options.
My relationship with clothes has changed overnight.

Other weaknesses.

I have a great passion for..
Painting (grand daddy was a painter and it kind of rubbed off)
Movies (Gotta watch em all.. Specially the pioneering)
Baking and decorating cupcakes & cakes (I love a challenge and never make the same design twice)
My pug Bolt (Who's not even a year old, he's my furry baby who snores a lot)


karlozman said...

Hello Sarah!
My next post is for you, from 3-5 days maximum.
If you want something special, give me a shout... oK!

karlozman said...

Sarah, thanks for you comment!
Ready your feature and thanks again for sharing, you have a beauty looks and you divine, obviously Bolt too!!
Is an honor to have you on my blog.
Nice to meet you and keep in touch oK!!!