Saturday, July 12, 2014


Let me show you my daily make-up routine.

This is me without any make-up on (picture below):

This is the concealer pallet I bought from Aliexpress:

Let's take a closer look: 
Lila is to camouflage darker tones like under your eyes, 
while the mint color is used to take care of redness like pimples.
Light yellow I put underneath my eyebrows. 
And all the shades of brown are used to accent your features.

This is what I look like after applying my concealer kit:

Now lets move on to my foundation:

Next on the list: my light colored powder:

Now we have a very blank canvas on which I apply eyebrow pencil, blush, 
eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. And yes in that order, don't ask me why..

Now this is what I look like afterwards:

Before and after:

What do you think?

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