Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY Skirt & Scarf + Outfit of the day

I had this gorgeous skirt from think twice wich was a little bit on the long side. 
I only wore it ones because it stands out in any look. (just like this one)
I decided to make it a little more casual and make a scarf with the remaining fabric.

What you first need to do is figure out how much shorter the skirt needs to be. 
When you fold it equally and secure it with some pins you are almost set to go.
Make sure to mark on as manny points possible where you need to cut because it would be nice to have a straight finished product. This you can do with little needles or a fabric pencil.

When you're dealing with a inner lining fabric this too needs to be shortened. 
Because this is a more delicate material it's important to zig zag stitch it so it won't get lose.

What do you  think of the end product?

Ow this is Bolt. He received a scarf today and is proudly wearing it since.

Some extra shots of my DIY scarf, H&M denim blouse and Six earrings.

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