Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make-up tutorial BB Cream Garnier

I realise I never do make-up tutorials but I got a new BB cream and I just had to show how easy it is to put on and how it's you'r daily all-in one cream. 

So this is what I look like in the morning (after brushing my hair and cleansing my face)
I have used the BB cream from nivea until now but I have gotten some remarks that it makes my skin to orange. Nivea's 'light' was apparently not light enough for me.

So lets try something new! Garnier BB light looks promising so I gave it a try.

There we go. Still very pale but in a fresh clean way.

The final touch is of course powdering it of with a slighter bronzer tone so the make-up will stay on all day long. 
For this tutorial I used 'Debora ultra fine'

So there you have me all natural looking with a total of 4 products on my face 
(including the nivea skincleansers)

Eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara and a little bit of lip balm will do the rest.

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